Exploring Your

Our approach to building brands is to help you edit out the unnecessary and focus on the things that make a difference.

In a cluttered, noisy and often overwhelming marketing environment, we help you develop a brand that will cut through it all and get straight to the point.


Living in
Perpetual Beta

A great looking brand is nothing without substance. The product, the service, the store, your tone of voice both written and verbal are all intrinsically linked to the overall customer experience.

While you may own the brand, all of its stakeholders shape the brand; customers, staff, shareholders, management, the board, bloggers, lapsed customers, even people who buy in your category and will never buy you. Because of this, your brand is in perpetual beta. Living in perpetual beta requires your brand to have a strong core, that can then flex with changes in the environment.

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Don't position
your brand,
Position Your Customer

No-one is interested in your brand. So you need to make your brand interesting to the people who use it.

If you want to be interesting to someone, talk about him or her – not about yourself. We believe your brand should position the people who interact with it. Differentiating your customer makes your brand a personal ally, and there’s no better place for your brand to be.

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Make An Emotional

If your product, service or idea resonates with a customer, if it means something to them, then the relationship will be deeper, longer lasting and more profitable.

People judge brands in much the same way as they judge people. Do I trust you to deliver? Do I like your style?” An easily understood brand personality is a short cut for consumers understanding your brand. We can help you to define your brand personality, so that the decisions you make for the brand can be easily understood by all stakeholders and make lasting connections with your customers.

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